Registration Form for a new member of MASTAA (Myanmar American Science & Technology Alumni Association, Inc.)

MASTAA is an alumni association of not only graduates, but also more broadly of former students (alumni). It has been legally registered as Not-for-Profit Organization in New York, USA since January 2019.

It will accept all old students from Science and Technology Institutions or Universities in Myanmar, USA and around the world.

Membership fee is free but benefits are endless. Just to name a few, as a member, you can attend any technical webinars, post an interesting Blog, nominate for a position, participate in voting and volunteer in various Special Interest Group and Committees. You can also attend MASTAA Annual Gala in USA or Virtual On-line Annual Gala. Ultimately, as a registered member, you are entitle to be elected and take official position and serve the organization you love.

Registration process will take a few minutes. Please click on the Register button below to start.