Myanmar American Science & Technology Alumni Association, Inc.

MASTAA is an umbrella Alumni Association for all faculties, teachers and students of Science and Technology Institutions or Universities in Myanmar and around the world. Nowadays, we are witnessing some alumni associations in Myanmar, but there were not many alumni associations in old days. MASTAA welcomes to all faculties, teachers and students from past, present and future Science and Technology Institutions or Universities in Myanmar and around the world.

In facts, this alumni association was rooted in America where many old teachers and students residing in US gathered to welcome their visiting teachers from abroad. There were welcome parties to Dr Aung Gyi, former teacher and Rector of Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT) by his students. At the same time, there welcome parties to Sayar U Soe Paing, former teacher and co-founder of Universities’ Computer Center (UCC) by his old students. Later these two groups (RIT and UCC) merged and arranged annually gathering to welcome Dr Aung Gyi and Sayar U Soe Paing together at Mr Ivan Lee’s home in New Jersey. In almost all gatherings, Sayars asked us to form an alumni association. In 2018 annually gathering, majority of all attendants voted to form an alumni association and elected 7 members of Implementing Committee (IC). Later formed the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC).

Together with IC and SAC, it was decided to form an umbrella alumni association for all science and technology institutions or universities in Myanmar and around the world, instead of forming an alumni association for RIT and UCC.

MASTAA was registered as not-for-profit organization in New York on January 15, 2019.


The purpose of the MASTAA Alumni Society is to foster a connection between existing alumni associations; students and faculty in Myanmar and around the world.


The goals of the MASTAA Alumni Society are to provide a platform for alumni to:

  • provide assistance to needy Myanmar or American graduates/old students of science or technology institutions irrespective of employment status whether active or retired
  • promote advancement of science and technology education and employment among Myanmar scientists, technologists and engineers
  • disseminate public interest educational materials and to promote job opportunities for Myanmar scientists, technologists and engineers
  • cooperate with in support of the objectives of the alumni association and organization
  • establish an active network among members and related institutions local and abroad
  • accept other graduates by the Board of Directors (BOD) as it deems fit

More information relating to the key objectives and organizational structure of the MASTAA Alumni Society can be found in the Organization’s Bylaws.

The MASTAA Alumni Society is led by a Board of Directors consisting of MASTAA alumni, faculty, and students.

Board of Directors always seeks directions and vision for MASTAA from Senior Advisory Committee.

Senior Advisory Committee

Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) has been an instrumental in the beginning of this organization. It was formed in 2018 when Implementation Committee of MASTAA needs to seek advices during the implementation period. They helped us in choosing current Organization Name. They gave us invaluable advices related to Organizational Structure and writing Bylaws for MASTAA.

Here are our Senior Advisors of MASTAA in alphabetical order:

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Dr. Aung Gyi

Mr Fredrick Thetgyi

Mr Gordon Kaung

Mr Hla Min

Mr Htun Aung Kyaw

Dr. Ohn Myint

Dr. San Hla Aung

Mr Soe Paing

Dr. Tin Win

Dr. Tun Aung Gyaw

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Mr Ivan Lee

CEO/Chairperson of MASTAA

With a fabulous talent for writing poems, a natural eye towards business matters and drive to succeed, founder Ivan Lee had over 30 years’ in the engineering business before forming MASTAA. He’d discovered over the years that the never-ending process of “find project”, “finish project”, “repeat”, was getting old. He wanted to focus on the establishing of Myanmar American Science & Technology Alumni Association, not spend all his time seeking more works.

With this MASTAA, we will strive to think and take action one at a time together for better world by focusing Myanmar American community in mind.

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“science & technology for better world”

Board of Directors (2019-2021)

A Team You Can Rely On

Election Committee was formed by Initial Board of Directors (iBOD) in line with resolution by IC/AMPC Joint Meeting on 4/21/2019.  It comprises of 4 members.  Chairman of Election Committee was elected on 6/2/2019 and formed the committee as follow:

Mr Khin Zaw as Chairman and Mr Khin Maung Win, Mr Soe Pie and Ms Yin Nwe Chaw as members.

Prepared and finalized Election Procedure, BOD Candidate Nomination Procedure, Ballots and Ballot Guidelines on 5/5/2019.  Nominations of potential candidates was completed on 6/2/2019. Sent out ballots on 6/10/2019 to all 92 potential members of MASTAA.  Due date to vote was set to 6/30/2019.  Elected members were announced at the first annual meeting held on 7/6/2019 at New Jersey.

Click on their name for the brief Biography.  As it is still in progress, we will update the brief biography as soon as we receive from them.