Mr. Soe Paing has worked as a United Nations Data Processing/Computer Adviser from 1980 till 1997. He received BS & MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University USA in 1962 & 1963 and MSc Computer Science from the University of Southampton UK in 1972. He was a member of the UNDP/UNESCO project that installed the first computer in Myanmar. He has served in various UN projects in the following countries: Sudan, Syria, Namibia, Kenya, Bhutan, Sierra Leone, Nepal and Kuwait. He has been involved in the development of computer and information technology in the developing countries and the training of computer professionals. He has extensive experience in processing of statistical surveys and censuses, and the development of statistical databases.


Name Mr. Soe Paing
Date of Birth 19 October 1939
Nationality Myanmar
Marital Status Married with three children
Address 35 D Thiri Ave
7 mile, Pyay Road
Yangon 11061, Myanmar
Telephone 95-1-660992

Educational Qualifications 1972 MSc Computer Science
University of Southampton,
Southampton, UK
1963 MS Electrical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, California, USA
1962 BS Electrical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, California, USA


4/08 to 7/08 UNFPA Census Data Processing Adviser
Fifth Population Census of Sudan.

7/91 to 6/97 Data Processing Adviser
United Nations’ Projects, Damascus, Syria.
(i) SYR/92/006: Capacity Building of the National Statistical System
(ii) SYR/93/P06: 1994 Population and Housing Census

7/91 to 6/94 Data Processing Adviser
United Nations’ Projects, Windhoek, Namibia
(i) NAM/90/021: Establishment of the National Statistics Office
(ii) NAM/90/P02: 1991 Namibia Population and Housing Census

8/88 to 6/91 Chief Technical Adviser / Adviser in Statistical Data Processing
United Nations’ Project, Nairobi, Kenya
(i) KEN/86/023: Implementation of the National Statistical Information Processing Plan

3/85 to 8/88 Data Processing Adviser
United Nations’ Projects, Thimphu, Bhutan
(i) BHU/84/019: Introduction of Microcomputer Technology
(ii) BHU/87/001: Development of Microcomputer Technology

12/83 to 3/85 Data Processing Adviser
United Nations’ Project, Freetown, Sierra Leone
(i) SIL/79/002: Strengthening of the Central Statistics Office

5/83 to 6/83 Consultant Systems Analyst
FAO Project, Katmandu, Nepal
(i) NEP/80/035: National Farm Management System

3/82 to 10/82 Trainer in Computer Programming
United Nation’s Project, Katmandu, Nepal
(i) NEP/78/026: Establishment of the National Computer Center

10/81 to 3/82 Software Consultant
Control Data Thailand Ltd.
Telecommunications Corporation Computer Project, Yangon, Myanmar
(i) Installation of a CDC Cyber Computer

9/80 to 9/81 Senior Training Expert in Computer Applications
ITU Project, Kuwait City, Kuwait
(i) Telecommunications Training Institute

4/71 to 7/80 Systems Engineer
Universities’ Computer Center(UCC)
Yangon, Myanmar

1/64 to 3/71 Assistant Lecturer
Dept of Electrical Engineering
Yangon Institute of Technology
Yangon, Myanmar