Bio of Dr. Tun Aung Gyaw

Tun Aung Gyaw was born in Mahlaing, Meiktila District, Burma, in 1946. He matriculated in 1963 from Meiktila and studied science courses for about a year at University of Mandalay, before moving on to Rangoon Institute of Technology in 1964. He obtained Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) in 1969. He had participated as a volunteer in the project development work for Universities’ Computer Center from 1969 to 1972. He was sent to England to undergo ICL 1902S computer hardware training for 9 months under UNESCO fellowship program. On return, he was responsible for hardware service work of various components in ICL computer system. He studied Computer Science courses offered from Department of Mathematics at Rangoon University and received M.Sc. (Computer Science) in 1975. He was again sent to USA for hardware service training of PDP 11/70 system as a UNESCO fellow. On return he was responsible for management and service work of various computer hardware equipment at UCC. At the same time, he also participated in teaching of Computer Science courses offered through joint sponsor of UCC and Mathematics Department.

He was promoted to System Manager in the Systems Division of UCC, responsible for management of hardware and software systems, and teaching of Computer Science courses offered at UCC. He had supervised various post graduate thesis works. He had initiated the research and development of Artificial Intelligence in the department in the areas of AI languages, knowledge management systems, fundamentals of Robotics, and Burmese Natural Language Processing. During tenure at UCC, he was a member of the board of studies of Computer Science. He had organized or participated in various research and project development works including the Institute of Computer Science.
He was promoted to Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, newly created under the Ministry of Education. He was sent to USA as a Fulbright scholar to study the advances of computer science for a year in 1988 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was inspired and excited to see first-hand advances in Computer Science, and finally decided to pursue graduate degree as a part time student. He received his Ph. D in Computer Science, specializing in the area of signal segment recognition from UIUC in 1997. During the course of studies, he had worked as a research assistant in various fields from several departments and institutions on the campus. Upon graduation, he worked as a senior software engineer in air traffic control systems at Raytheon, Massachusetts. He then moved on to Teradyne Incorporated, a semiconductor test and development company in Boston. Until now he is enjoying the development work of various hardware and software projects at the company.

Tun Aung Gyaw now lives in Massachusetts, USA with his wife and five children. He has five grandchildren living closely, enjoying life as a grandfather and researcher in Deep Learning and Computer Vision.